About Me

I am Debbie from Dorset in the South of England, a keen family history researcher. From the beginning of 2021, I had started to feel inspired with writing a blog from reading several blogs especially on genealogy and history. So I thought I would give it a go.

From a young age, have loved history and learnt many stories about my family, having spent many school holidays with grandparents, cousins, great auntie and uncles. I grew up in southern England, but most of the family came from the Leicestershire, Shropshire, Worcestershire or Scotland.

My interest started big time around 2000, when I was given a family tree software package. At the time my job was a software developer so naturally always interested in software of any kind. Anyway, when I started to enter some of the details, I realised I knew a fair bit of family, in fact knew names of all of my great grandparents, even one or two 2xgreat grandparents.

So once I started asking more detailed questions from the family and learning about how to find information, I was hooked on it. I realised I had a knack for doing this, as I love data, organising and recording it some sort of format. Who doesn’t like a spreadsheet or two, maybe it’s just me. Even other family members do research and are hooked just like me.

My other interests include walking, exploring the many local footpaths and discovering new ones in other areas. My granddad and my dad were both avid walkers. Love learning about history of places, especially when I have personal links.